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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A local tire cumpny is askin fer t'communitee’s hep ta suppert a lil gurl fitin canc'r. Three-year-old Abigail Carroll wuz diagnoset wit acute lymfoblastic leukemia ov'r t'summ'r. Accerdyun' ta hern moth'r, she’s bee through numeryus surgeries an' has spent sevrul weeks n' t'hospital. Carroll is still undergoyun' chemotherapy an' has a long road ahed o'hern. Big-O Tires is holdin Hallowee-themet car shoe fer t'lil gurl feeturyun' a costume contest, hot wheel… Sum Moe radin'
EMCEMC CEO Joe Tucci See Also EMC will be announcyun' its quarterlee earnings Thirsdee an' along wit at, it is hostyun' a speshul press conference at 9:30 a.m. ET. We’ve jes bee invitid ta dial an' lissen. EMC typicallee releeses earnings befor t'openyun' bell. But its routine conference call wit Wall Street analsts is skeduled fer 8:30 a.m., so thishere press conference is sumthin differnt. We unnerstan t'noose will breek at 8 a.m., lackly wit… Sum Moe radin'
Dave Smith/Bizness InsiderBezels air uglee. Thay exist ta protect t'edges o't' display, but we, as smartfone owners, want t'scree n' all its glery — as much o'it as possibull. Bezels jes git n' t'way, mosly. At’s whar Sharp’s latest smartfone, t'cumpny’s furst since 2011, sets itself apart.  T' Sharp Akwus Crystal berrows t'same “Akwus” monik'r frum its popular line o'likwid-crystal telavishun sets, an' t'name certunlee applies here. Thishere phone is all about its 5-inch… Sum Moe radin'
Kantucky Distillers’ Associashun Presdint Eric Gregery un t'bourbon impact study commissyunet by his'n organizashun. Jessica Ebelhar, T' (Louisville, Ky.) Couri'r-Jurnl Nico Meredith raises a shot o'bourbon n' a toas at T' Silv'r Doller n' Louisville, Ky.(Photo: Martee Peerl, T' (Louisville, Ky.) Couri'r-Jurnl)FRANKFerT, Ky. — N' jes ov'r t'acoupla-year minimum it takes ta age strate bourbon, thenumb'r o'Kantucky distilleries has triplet, accerdyun' ta a ekunomic impact survey releeset Tuesdee.At’s jes one o't' majer findings o't' survey… Sum Moe radin'
Los'r? Maybe nairy. (Timothy D. Easley/AP) Jes wen y'all — an' nashshunal Demokrats, who stopt advertisyun' n' t'state las week — thunk t'Kantucky Senate race wuz ov'r, it’s a'pullin y'all back n'! At’s becawz o't' new Bluegrass Poll, sponseret by a conglomerate o'Kantucky media outlets, at shows t'race as a statistical daid heat tween Se. Mitch Mckunnell (R) at 47 persent an' Secretree o'State Alisen Lundergun Grimes (D) at 46 persent. At poll… Sum Moe radin'
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Anoth'r JCPS skool sent letters trayler wit studants warnin parnts about t'safetee o'thar youngns. T' principal at Blue Lick Elemantree Skool issuet a lett'r Mundie about strangers potantiallee preyyun' un studants.  Accerdyun' ta t'lett'r, acoupla menfolk apperachet a student at un interseecshun behin t'skool an' tride ta lure t'student ta a car. Thishere is at leest t'hurd incident like thishere since t'start o't' skool year. Acoupla weeks ago, parnts o'Okolona… Sum Moe radin'
Nashshunal Demokrats may have aban'onet Alisen Lundergun Grimes n' hern fite ta unseet Kantucky Se. Mitch Mckunnell nex month, but Bill Clintun isn’t givin up hope: T' ferm'r presdint returns ta t'state Tuesdee afternoon ta campaign fer Grimes n' acoupla rallies, his'n thurd visit since she won t'Demokratic primree earli'r thishere year. RELATED: Demokrats ditch Kantucky, leevin Grimes un hern own vs. Mckunnell Aft'r spendin mer thun $2 million… Sum Moe radin'
(USA TODAY) — Autheritees say t'Indiannie mun suspectid o'killin seve wimmen, an' perhaps mer, tole pleece he committid his'n las murd'r by strangleeun' his'n victim wit a cellfone cord. Pleece say Darre Deon Vann acknowletget at he lef Afrika Hardy, 19, daid n' t'bathtub o'a Motel 6 n' Hammond, Ind. las week, accerdyun' ta court documants. Vann had arranget ta meet Hardy, who wuz a prostitute, through un online ad placet un a website callt… Sum Moe radin'

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