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WASHINGTON (WHAS11) – Jeffersen Countee Public Skools joinet Presdint Barock Obamie an' educaters frum 59 uther urbun skool systems fer a majer announcement Tuesdee. Skool Superintendent Donna Hargens an' skool board chairwumun Dyine Pert'r sat behin t'presdint fer a town hall meetin callt “My Bruther’s Keep'r.” T' skool systems have fermet t'Nashshunal Council o'Greet Citee Skools. It’s t'furst-ev'r nashshunal commitment ta improov educatyunal outcomes o'yung menfolk an' boys o'coler. T' council’s goals air ta prepare… Sum Moe radin'
WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ind. (WHAS11) – A judge has santencet Jamie Lykins ta 50 yeers n' prisen un a battery charge causin deeth an' 40 yeers un a neglect charge causin deeth. He wuz charget fer killin his'n girlfriend’s 8-month-old sen las year. Leelun Crane diet frum blunt ferce trauma ta t'hed. Casey Crane, t'moth'r o't' youngn, wuz charget wit neglect o'a dependent n' t'deeth o'hern sen. She has yet ta be tride. Previyus articull UK’s… Sum Moe radin'
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – One o't' paramedics injuret n' un ambulance crash is specktid ta be releeset frum Univesty Hospital Winsdee. John Johnsen wuz seriouslee injuret wen t'ambulance he wuz ridin n' wuz hit by a car. T' acksident happent las month un Frankfert Avenue an' Riv'r Road. T' uther paramedic, John Mergun, will remane n' t'hospital. His'n releese date is unknown. 48-year-old Christof'r O’Bryun wuz killt n' t'crash.   Previyus articull Sist'r o'pleece chase… Sum Moe radin'
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Tuesdee monin' Tess Rey woke up ta pleece sirens an' cars screamin down t'Greenbelt jes outside hern trayler un Turry Road. “I thunk nuthin o'it, y'all knoe?” she sed. “Thishere is Shivelee. Thishere is PRP. Thishere is Louisville – everthang always happens.” Whut she didn’t knoe is at wuz part o't' 58-minnut car chase hern bruther, Travis Mettleeun', wuz leedyun'. T' chase cummenced n' Jeffersontown an' endet un Dixie Highway wit… Sum Moe radin'
michael sam 19 Michael Sams Response To Tony Dungy Is Pure Class Dilip Vishwanat/String'r/Gettee ImagesMichael Sam respondet n' whut wuz probly t'mos graciyus way possibull ta commints ferm'r NFL coach Tony Dungy made about nairy a'wantin “ta deel wit” t'openlee gay play'r if'n he wuz still coachyun'. “Thank Gawd he wasn’t St. Looey Rams’ coach,” Sam sed jokinglee ta reperters un Tuesdee. “But I have a greet respeck fer Coach Dungy, an' like everyone n' Amurka, everyone is entitlet ta thar own opinyuns.” At wuz… Sum Moe radin'
ap168563992935 Businessman David Perdue Scores Big Upset Victory In Georgia Republican Senate Primary Runoff APDavid Perdue Self-describet “outsid'r” can'idate David Perdue claimd un unaxpectid victery n' Geergia’s Republicun U.S. Senate primree runoff aft'r a brutal, nine-week intra-partee fite agin his'n competiter, U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston. T' results wuz tite throughout t'nite, hoveryun' roun 50-50 throughout, but t'businessmun Perdue ultimatelee securet 50.9% o't' vote, accerdyun' ta T' Associatid Press. Kingston, un 11-term congressmun lagget behin by 1.7%, finishin wit 49.1% o't' final tallee.  Perdue claimd victery n' frunt o'un… Sum Moe radin'
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – T' presdint o't' Univesty o'Kantucky appeeret un WHAS11’s Greet Day Lif' ta discuss his'n vishun fer t'univesty. Eli Capilouto sez his'n vishun fer UK’s future outweighet t'prospeck o'askin t'state fer mer money ta invest n' a new Rupp Arena. Currantlee, $1 billyun n' new construcshun is underway at is all self-financet. T' univesty is teeryun' out student housyun' at dates ta t'1950’s an' ‘60s.  3,000 new beds will be availabull… Sum Moe radin'
dicks sporting goods 3 Dicks Sporting Goods Cuts 400 Jobs Since Americans Are Less Interested In Golf Flickr See Also T' PGA may have jes finisht t'British Ope, but back n' t'U.S., Dick’s Spertyun' Goods appeers ta be finisht wit t'PGA.  Dick’s, t'spertyun' goods superstere an' largest retail'r o'TaylerMade an' Callaway golf products, firet mer thun 400 PGA perfeshnuls hiret at steres across t'kuntry, accerdyun' ta t'Wall Street Jurnl.  Dick’s had plannd ta have a PGA professyunal at ever stere n' hopes ta differantiate itself frum online retailers. Howev'r, facters… Sum Moe radin'

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