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ABCThis luv stery doesn’t git a happy endin.We have air furst cancelet TV series o't' fall seesen an' it’s ABC’s “Munhattun Luv Stery.” T' rom-com fallerd acoupla individuals (Jake McDermun an' Analeigh Tipton) set up un a blind date. T' twist? Y'all could also hear everthang goin un n' bof individual’s hed. It wuz one acoupla duzen new shows ta premiere un netwerk TV thishere fall. We’re nairy sprized, but we had air money… Sum Moe radin'
© AFP Sergei GaponA mun walks n' frunt o'eeleckshun placards n' t'cant'r o'Kiev un Octob'r 24, 2014Kiev (AFP) – Ukrune voters will go ta t'polls Sundy n' electyuns set ta dramaticallee reshape parliament, aft'r a year o'ufeevals n' which a deedlee pro-Russiun uprisyun' has threatend ta splint'r t'ex-Soviet state. Campaignyun' endet un Frydee fer t'polls callt by Presdint Petro Peroshenko n' August. Peroshenko is und'r preshure ta purge parliament o'lawmakers tiet ta t'old regime o'Vikter… Sum Moe radin'
© AFP/File Adriun DennisLiverpool’s Philippe Coutinho (C) celebrates sceryun' a goal wit teemmates durin thar English Premi'r Leegue match agin Queens Park Rangers, at Loftus Road n' London, un Octob'r 19, 2014London (AFP) – Brendun Rodgers concedes Liverpool’s seesen is destinet ta end n' frustrayshun lessn his'n side a'ken plug t'gaps n' thar leeky defence. T' Reds have kep jes one cleen sheet n' thar las 18 matches an' Rodgers’ pre-seesen overhaul o't' defence, which… Sum Moe radin'
REUTERS/Fret ProuserNouriel Roubini See Also “Amurkin madness: a youngn is allowd ta receif' a rifle as a birthdee gift,” NYU professer Nouriel Roubini tweetid. “Sick sick kuntry.” Roubini’s wurds come hours aft'r a gunmun killt one persen an' injuret sevrul utherns at Marysville-Pilchuck High Skool near Seettle, Washington. T' gunmun wuz lat'r idantifiet as Jayle Fryberg, a freshmun at t'skool. Fryberg, who shot an' killt hissef, repertedlee had access ta fireerms, an' un Instagram photo… Sum Moe radin'
David Paul Merris/Bloomberg via Gettee ImagesBox CEO Aaron LevieBox CEO Aaron Levie’s idee ta turn un ordinree file-sharyun' software into t'nex big collaberashun enterprise platferm has made 'im one o't' mos-watchet Valley CEOs n' resent yeers. Since its foundyun' n' 2005, Box has raiset ov'r $564.1 million n' fundyun', which noe values t'cumpny at roughlee $2.4 billyun. Box is specktid ta go public by earlee nex year. Altho thar’s bee sum concerns roun Box’s delayet… Sum Moe radin'
By ADAM BEAM, Associatid PressFRANKFerT, Ky. (AP) — T' campaign fer Demokratic senate can'idate Alisen Lundergun Grimes challenget a new ad frum Republicun Se. Mitch Mckunnell at boastid his'n suppert amungst wimmen, contendyun' it feeturet a woomin who is registeret ta vote n' Pennsillvany. T' Mckunnell campaign firet back, a'sayn't she is a college student at t'Univesty o'Louisville who hasn’t updatid hern vot'r registrashun yet. N' a separate spat, t'Mckunnell camp sed a new ad… Sum Moe radin'
T' avridge cost fer a small draft be'r at NHL games thishere seesen is $7.45, accerdyun' ta data collectid by Team Marketyun' Repert frum each team. At’s up jes 1.5% frum t'2013-14 seesen wen t'avridge price wuz $7.34. T' New York Rangers still have t'mos expensif' be'r n' t'NHL whar t'cheepest be'r at Madisen Skware Garde noe costs $10.50, up frum $9.50 a year ago. At t'uther end, t'Pittsburgh Penguins off'r t'cheepest be'r n' t'NHL… Sum Moe radin'
Citi ReseerchIt may sound obveeus. But wen y'all invest n' stox, y'all’re at risk o'gittin wipet out. At rilly is t'sangle mos impertant risk ta investers. Eve wen y'all reckon y'all’re well-diversifiet, y'all could see t'value o'yer investmants quicklee plunge er perhaps slowlee bleet 90% o'its value ov'r yeers as t'Greek stock market did durin t'eurozone crisis. Citi’s Jonathun Stubbs addresses thishere n' a resent reseerch note about asset allocashun. He includet a chart highlightyun'… Sum Moe radin'

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