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Yew mite be a Kentucky Redneck if’n y’alls ‘huntin dawg’ cost moe ’en t’truck yer drive ’im ’round in.”
 TAYLerSVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)—KSP is investigatyun' un armet robbery o'a bank n' Taylersville Winsdee afternoon.  Pleece respondet ta Folk’s Bank Elk Creek, locatid at 5511 Taylersville Road roun noon.  Thay sed acoupla white males an' one black male enteret t'bank bran'ishyun' han'guns an' deman'et money frum t'ellers. Aft'r takin un unknown amount o'money, t'rio flet n' a stole blue 2007 Chevy Aveo.  KSP is askin innyone wit informayshun about t'robbery er who… Sum Moe radin'
jeremy stoppelman yelp 17 Yelp Reports A Profit For The First Time Since Going Public (YELP) AP Photo/Kathy WillensJeremy Stoppelmun, Yelp CEO. See Also Yelp announcet its sekunt-quart'r earnings un Winsdee, an' t'results wuz bett'r thun specktid.  Net revenue wuz $88.8 million n' t'sekunt quart'r, which is up 61% frum t'same quart'r las year. At beat analeest expectatyuns o' $86.32 million.  Net income wuz $2.7 million, er $0.04 p'r share. At’s compard wit a loss o'$878,000 n' t'same quart'r las year.  Thishere wuz t'furst time t'cumpny had… Sum Moe radin'
(ABC Noose) –  Moterists drivin down a Massachusetts highway today wuz rattlet wen un ax kum fleeyun' through t'windshield. T' ax, which had nairy bee properlee securet by t'dump truck n' frunt o't' vehicle, wint halfway through t'winder, accerdyun' t'Massachusetts State Pleece. T' ax blade restid un t'dashboard un t'passeng'r side o't' car wile much o't' han'le stuck out o't' windshield. T' frightenyun' incident occurret shertlee befor 11 a.m. today as t'car travelet un… Sum Moe radin'
androidguy 10 Apps That Will Make Your Android Phone A Whole Lot Better WikipediaOne o't' bes thangs about Android is at y'all a'ken change yer phone’s theme, add new widgets, an' customize yer settings whichev'r way y'all pleese. Android launchers alloe y'all ta make yer phone eve mer personal an' cateret ta yer specific tastes. A launch'r is essantiallee a trayler scree replacement fer yer Android phone. Y'all a'ken turn 'um un er off whenev'r y'all like, which meens y'all a'ken change t'look an' feel o'yer phone’s software… Sum Moe radin'
wbc westboro 1 The Westboro Baptist Church Is Going On A Silicon Valley Protest Tour Typicallee foun protestyun' outside Plannd Paranthood locatyuns an' soljers’ funerals, t'noteriyus Westbero Baptist Church is plannin a protest ture through t'heert o'Silicon Valley, Valleywag reperts. T' extreme religiyus group put out a flee'r detaileeun' its route ta harass nine Bay Area tech cumpnys, includin Facebook, Twitt'r, Apple, an' Google. It’ll be a tite schedule fer t'WBC, who plans un spendin at leest a half hour at each destinashun, tho seeminglee has nairy rilly accountid fer… Sum Moe radin'
samsung mobile ceo jk shin introduces galaxy s5 19 Samsung Reports Quarterly Profit Decline, Blaming Competition From Other Smartphone Makers APSamsung Mobile CEO JK Shin,Samsung repertid a profit decline n' its Q2 earnings repert Winsdee due ta declinyun' smartfone sales. T' cumpny repertid operatyun' profit o'7.9 trillion won, which is about $7 billyun U.S. At’s down frum 9.53 trillion won a year ago. Revenue wuz $52.35 trillion won, er about $51 billyun U.S., which is down frum 57.46 trillion won a year ago. Howev'r, t'repert shoultn’t come as a sprize. Samsung warnet at its smartfone… Sum Moe radin'
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Kids gut a good werkout un Winsdee at Oxmoer Kuntry Club. T' upcomyun' PGA Champyunship has everbidy givin golf a swang, eve youngsters tween t'ages o'six an' nine. Cory Kaufmun is t'Dierektor o'Instrucshun at Oxmoer an' is a St. X an' Bellarmine graduwait. He sed he wonts ta make golf fun becawz sumtimes, kids a'ken git overwhelmet by all t'rules. T' kids gave golf thar bes shot, jumpin through hula hoops… Sum Moe radin'
golfball Meyer, Haddix reach Kentucky Match Play final   The Courier Fer Fret Alle Mey'r o'Nicholasville, 5 an' 4 wuz t'hot scere un Winsdee as he defeetid seet Bran'on Beckham o'Smiths Grove n' t'quarterfinals an' Kyle Leech o'Louisville n' t'semifinals ta reech t'Kantucky Match Play Champyunship final at Oxmoer Kuntry Club.No. 9 Mey'r will play No. 2 Denv'r Haddix Jr. o'Laxington n' t'final at 8:10 a.m. today.Haddix reechet t'champyunship match wit a 6 an' 5 deecishun ov'r Andrew Pleesant o'Louisville n' t'quarterfinals, an' a 3 an'… Sum Moe radin'

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