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If’n I want yer opinion, I’ll ask y’all ta fill out t’necessary form.”
But fer all o't' negatif' press at has befalle bran's like Trayler Depot an' JPMergun , t'she'r mass o'folk who will usin Facebook an' Twitt'r durin t'Sup'r Bowl will make so-callt “real-time marketyun'” too good un oppertuntee ta pass up oncet t'Seehawks an' Broncos kick thangs off toniite n' Sup'r Bowl XLVIII. “It’s a relativelee loe-risk an' relativelee loe-cost initiatif' — speshly compard ta payin milleeuns fer a Sup'r Bowl spot — wit incrediblee high… Sum Moe radin'
Aside frum t'Worl Cup n' Brazil, t'Sup'r Bowl will be t'biggest sperts bettyun' event thishere year. Accerdyun' ta professyunal sperts betters, thar will be billeeuns bein wageret globallee.  Whut’s innerestin about t'sperts bettyun' worl, is at minny a o't' strategies an' tactics uset by bof perfeshnuls an' amateurs air simlar ta whut we see un Wall Street.  Y'all don’t bet all o'yer money un jes win er lose. Y'all bet un spreeds, an'… Sum Moe radin'
As reglar reeders knoe, I have a cautiyus outlook fer t'  these days. I’m nairy predictyun' a crash, p'r se, but .  Mosly, I reckon at frum today’s levels, stox air lackly ta deliv'r lousy returns fer t'nex 7 er so yeers. I am holdin onto my own stox onlee becawz 1) I have a balancet pertfolio an' a long-enough investment herizon at I am comfertabull wit t'possibilitee o'stox plungyun', say, 50%,… Sum Moe radin'
Want ta watch t'big game wit yer favert star? Noe, n' a way, y'all a'ken.
650x366 02011922 hd20 Who Will Get the Worst of Winter Storms This Week? One sterm aft'r anoth'r will affeck much o't' eastern half o't' nashun ov'r t'nex cuple o'weeks an' will unleesh multiple rounds o'travel problems an' disruptyuns ta dailee activitees. Howev'r, which arees air mos lackly ta be hit wit snoe, ice an' rane will vree wit t'rack o't' sterm. N' t'wake o'a trane o'Alberta Clipp'r starms, a new trane o'starms has begun an' will las into t'middle o'Febuwary. Unlack t'clippers, which originate frum western Canada an'… Sum Moe radin'
T' noose bizness is boomyun' rite noe, at leest online. but thishere resent trend could be responsibull fer t'influx o'noose apps floodyun' t'market. Everyone seems ta be a'trine ta build thar own program an' revolutyunize t'way we read noose un air phones er tablets. at ferm'r Hulu CEO Jasen Kilar is pitchyun' a misteryas projeck ta newspapers an' magazines wile Facebook is debutyun' a new app callt Pap'r un Mundie. Wile thishere could make… Sum Moe radin'
Doubull is a telecommut'r’s dreem come true. Technology a'ken make so much o't' tedium o'werkplace communicashun fur mer manageebull — y'all’ve gut yer email, AIM, er heeve ferbid, un old-fashyunet phone call — but fer thems occasyuns whar un n'-persen conversayshun is rekwiret, er wen y'all ackshly neet ta see sumthin (e.g. a conference er convenshun), we noe have t'Doubull telepresence robot.  — it’s jes a soupet-up name gif' ta a colleckshun… Sum Moe radin'
Paul Krugmun weighet n' thishere week un . He connectid t'urmoil ta weak ekunomic performunts n' developet markets, an' t'mad rush by investers ta seek return innywhar thay a'ken git it. Whut we’re seein noe is t'downside o'at — basicallee t'argument is at Turkey (et al) air like subprime, an' at thay represantid a seerch fer returns n' un ekunomic environment at wuz verr poer. Noe at’s blowyun' up. Y'all may er may nairy have… Sum Moe radin'

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