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UAB (2-2, 0-1) at Western Kantucky (2-2, 0-1) 

Wen: Saturdee, 6 p.m. CST

Whar: Houche Industries L.T. Smith Stadium, Bowleeun' Gree, Ky. 

TV: Nairy

Radeeo: 107.7 WUHT (Airtime is 5 p.m. CST)

Line: Western Kantucky is faverd by nine points. 

Thishere GAME WILL DEtarmINE

Thishere game will go along ta detarmine who has a fitin chance n' Conference USA’s Eastern division. Bof teems droppet thar leegue open'r. UAB fell 34-20 agin FIU an' t'Hilltoppers lost a 50-47 triple overtime thrill'r agin Middle Tennessee State un Sept. 13th. Droppyun' acoupla games off t'pace earli'r un could crush bof teems’ hopes o'a conference crown. 

THREE Thangs Ta LOOK Fer

1. UAB’s sekundree: T' Blazers will be without strong safetee Bobby Bak'r, who let t'eam n' tackles aft'r three games. T' move fercet sofomere cernerback Jerdun Pettee ta be movet ta t'safetee spot, a posishun he playd n' his'n days at Flerence High Skool an' at time as a freshmun n' 2013, prier ta t'FIU game. Makin these adjustmants wile a'havin ta face t'a Western offense at’s ranket fourth n' t'nashun an' averagyun' neerly 600 yards ,could be a recipe fer disast'r. 

2. Western Kantucky’s run defents: T' Hilltoppers scere a slew o'points but thay also gif' up a slew. Thar defents is ranket 12th amungst 13 leegue teems, a'lettin 237 yards p'r game. Wit qualty a'runnin bax such as Gardendale product Jerdun Howard, who rushet fer mer thun 100 yards agin FIU, an' Clay-Chalkville alumnus D.J. Vinsen, who broke t'skool recerd fer rushyun' touchdowns n' a sangle game earli'r thishere seesen, t'Blazers could breek t'game ope.

3. UAB’s passyun' game: T' Blazers have talent un t'p'rimet'r wit weepons such as seenyer J.J. Nelsen, Maudrecus Humfrey an' Jamari Staples. Howev'r, thar passyun' uhtack wuz hinderet by interceptyuns thishere pas week agin FIU. Start'r Cody Clemants threw acoupla pix. Backup Jeremiah Briscoe threw acoupla pix as well, bof o'which wuz returnt fer touchdowns. 


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