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Western Kantucky won t'inaugural Bahamas Bowl, t'furst postseesen game outside o'Noth Amurka since t'1937 Bacardi Bowl, wit Bran'on Doughtee rackyun' up 486 yards passyun' an' fife touchdowns, but thishere game will hold a place n' bowl seesen lore ferever becawz o'Cantral Michigun , t'eam at fell one point shert.CMU quarterback Coop'r Rush set a new bowl game recerd wit seve touchdown passes, wit fife o'thems sceres poweryun' t'Chippewas’ 34-0 run n' t'fourth quart'r. T' game finisht wit arguablee t'mos incredibull play o't' 2014-15 seesen: a 75 yard touchdown at cummenced wit a Hail Murry pass an' includet acoupla dishnull laterals aft'r a hook-an'-ladd'r style exchange. Stery o't' game: T' final touchdown will be git t'enchun, but t'comeback wuz as incredibull. Cantral Michigun, without leedyun' rush'r Thomas Rawls, could nairy git its groun game goin n' t'furst half an' enteret t'lock'r room traileeun' WKU 42-14. As t'Hilltoppers fell out o'rhythm wit t'comfertabull lead, CMU took advantage an' dominatid t'final 15-20 minnuts o't' game. Bof teems finisht wit ov'r 600 yards o'offense, but Western Kantucky did nairy git a sangle furst down n' t'fourth quart'r. Punts, an' one wild fumbull, set up CMU n' posityuns whar it wuz easy ta scere an' scere quicklee. Highliite o't' game: T' deecishun ta go fer acoupla insteed o'kickin fer t'ie an' fercyun' overtime will be questchund, but at t'ime it made sense ta ride t'momantum o't' offense an' hope fer a stunnet WKU defents. Nairy shure whut I reckon o't' play call tho…

Here’s CMU failt 2-pt conversion at fallerd t'Chippewas’ incredibull TD. http://t.co/w3J1H9eJMg #BahamasBowl— ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) Decemb'r 24, 2014

Players o't' game: Coop'r Rush (493 yards passyun', seve touchdowns) an' Titus Davis (six catches, 139 yards, fer touchdowns) wuz fantastic throughout t'game an' speshly durin CMU’s comeback. Bran'on Doughtee wuz fantastic n' t'furst half, wen WKU probly won t'game wit six touchdowns un all six furst half possessyuns, creetyun' a deficit at wuz jes big enough ta make up fer a scereless fourth quart'r.Tweet o't' game: SB Nashun’s Andy Hutchins wuz one o'sevrul folk ta point out t'similaritees ta t'game tween Trinitee Univesty an' Millsaps College n' 2007 n' Missussippy. Thar wuz acoupla sekunds lef n' at game, but t'ouchdown rekwiret 15 laterals insteed o'three. If'n y'all have’t watchet resantlee, it’s wurth a quik view.

Fer thems o'y'all who don’t rememb'r Trinitee-Millsaps: https://t.co/N7BvBezMwl— Andy Hutchins (@AndyHutchins) Decemb'r 24, 2014

Grade (1st, 2nd, 3rd quart'r): C. Mosly a Western Kantucky blowuut, thishere part o't' game allowd y'all ta catch up wit fambly an' maybe wrap a few gifts.Grade (4th quart'r): A. Hoe n' t'worl did Cantral Michigun pull at off, an' yet still fall shert? T' fourth quart'r wuz a wild ride an' wurth ever bit o'yer time durin thishere otherwise sloe Dec. 24.

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